Asmodeus' Bane

Session 3

We decide to go into the mines proper, there is a circular room with a central shaft and a staircase on the outside wall leading down. There is the sound of gears or mechanism coming from below. It is an intermitten noise, indicating that it could be a timed mechanism like a water clock or something similar.

We explore a tunnel off the main room that leads to a natural cave opening next to the lake. It appears we have found a ‘service’ entrance for equipment and what not.

We explore the next level down, the layout is the same around the central shaft. On the second level we explore the west tunnel first, we hear the sound water, when we reach the end of the tunnel we find a man made water fall with a water wheel. This wheel appears to be the power source for the gears and mechanical sounds we were hearing.

We back track and investigate the east tunnel, there are a number of doors in this hallway, it looks like a barracks. The doors are heavy wood and re-enforced with iron. Since the iron looks like it’s in good shape, so the Rust monsters may not have come this far. Blix checks the doors to see which ones are locked, jammed or trapped. In one of the unlocked rooms Blix finds a small hidden door, he disarms the trap and finds a secret, kobold sized hall way. Inside he finds a small cache of 2 explosive grenades and a finely made dagger. The dagger once Identified turns out to be a +3 Dex Dagger.

We continue searching doors and rooms, we find 2 jammed and 1 trapped room, at the end of the hallway we find a secret door. Behind the secret door is another kobold tunnel that leads to a ladder that goes to the next level. The largest room has a trap door, inside there is another escape tunnel hidden in a food barrel.

We decide that the Kobold tunnels are the least of the issues but they are important to keep in mind. We decide to continue down in the mine.

The third level has three tunnels branching off the main shaft room. We explore the west tunnel, we find the waterfall again, we can see the wheel from below and some cables and pullies as well.

The east tunnel has the same layout as the barracks above. There are the same amount of doors and the hallway doesn’t curve at the end. The first three barrack rooms are empty with no secret doors. The 4th one has another escape tunnel with a shaft going down. The last room is empty but smells of death, in the back of the room there is a hatch going down, this one is large enough for humans. When opened there is an overwhelming smell of death and decay. The middle of the room is a large pit trap, there is a scuddling noise that came from a small lizard with a strange marking on it’s head. Bran has seen it before, but nobody knows what it could be. Ulfred has Blix describe the symbol and it appears to be an ancient Dwarven Ruin that is now used by the Drugar meaning this animal may be bound to a Dark Dwarf. The center trap pit has a decaying orc that is rotting away. It appears that the trap was reset after he fell in. We find a few silvers and 2 unkown alchemical powders. 1 is brown and earth like, the other is fine and white. Will determine a lab to discover what powders they could be.

On the south passage we find another set of rooms with even heavier doors with more iron re-enforcement. All the doors appear to be trapped. The first two rooms are filled with mining equipment, most kinda rusty and useless. The second two rooms are filled with weapons and armor, all kobold sized and useless. There is another secret escape tunnel at the end of it, this one has a bunch of tunnels and smells like fish.

The fourth level has two tunnels, east and west, the west is another service tunnel to the water fall. The east hallway have another 4 doors but we also hear noises from further down the hall way. The first two rooms are more empty barracks, the second set of doors are locked but there is noise on the other side.

Ronak detects undead and finds 22 auras in one room and 16 in another. There is one aura of lvl 8 that is moving between rooms via the kobold tunnels. We decide to breach and enter the room with the lower number.

The door is opened, and Ronak blasts the room with a channel energy, Blix uses a tanglefoot bag on the zombie closest to the door to help hold back and funnel the enemies. Ulfred throws a grenade that scatters but still kills a zombie. Arminth misses with his crossbow. There is a blood curdling scream and Ulfred fails the will roll and is Panicked. Ronak steps to the door and launches another channel energy to great affect taking out three more zombies. Blix throws a grenade and clears out 9 zombies! Friar Olaf enters the room and kills two zombies with shuriken. Armnith charges and kills the last zombie in the room.



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