Asmodeus' Bane

Session 2

They spent the next two days creating a 5 foot wall around the camp.

The entrance of the mine has the symbols of the Wyrm Tooth Kobold clan. The mines head down under the lake. After a few hundred yards there is a large fork with 5 trails. The north and northwest passages are blocked off by collapses or a large marble slab. The West was explored and there were several rooms. The Southern passages is where all the bad stuff happens.

The Northern passage has a marble door that is trapped by poison gas, we have decided to disable the traps. Blix successfully disables both poison gas traps. Friar Olaf drives a piton in the marble slab with his bare hands and starts moving the slab blocking the passage. He makes it across the passage, but there’s still more slab, he takes the piton out and drives it in again and starts pushing again. Blix’s sound traps all go off from the other tunnels. We stop and start getting ready for battle. We find that there are other similar traps in the other tunnels that are connected. Once the slab is finally moved we see that tunnel continues for a few feet then there is a ladder down. Blix sees the trap mechanism but we still don’t see how the door is closed/opened.

Blix is leading the group down the ladder and further into the mines, we see a feint fire-light down the tunnel. As we descend the light and stench get stronger. We see a hallway with two candelabras, and a hunched figure in a chair guarding the entrance to another room.

We all file into the hallway and when the cleric enters the hallway the figure looks up and starts speaking to the sides of the room. Blix lets loose a alchemical fire bolt from his crossbow. The enemy was hit but put out the fire, he stands and the fight is on!

Blix fires another arrow as he steps forward, Ulfred runs forward with in range and shoots his crossbow. He hits but doesn’t do much damage. Friar Olaf charges the length of the hallway and room and gives the Crypt Thing a flurry of blows and manages to stun the beast. Ronak uses a seering light and hits the Crypt Thing with spectacular effect. Friar Olaf is hit for a little bit of damage but doesn’t seem to be ill affected. Arminth charges into mele, while Ulfred and Ronak move up to get ready for the fight. Blix and Arminth take out the Wights that are in front of them. Olaf continues his onslaught against the crypt thing, and stuns him again, Ulfred charges into melee, wiffs with his mace and fails his will save and ends up frightened for 4 rounds. Ronak channels his energy, and damages the remaining enemys. Ulfred is hit and takes a -1 level penalty along with 6 damage. Blix takes a shot at the Wight that attacked Ulfred. Arminth attempts to also attack the Wight but misses. Ulfred flees 80 feet down the tunnel in absolute terror. Olaf is teleported out of the room by the Crypt Thing. Ronak channels energy again and kills the Fiend. Arminth is also hit by the Wight and looses a level. Blix hits the last Wight for 2 damage and Arminth finishes the job.

After combat we find 3 ornate chests and a symbol on the back wall for Asmodeus. In the chests a suit of armor (human size with the Asmodeus), 250 gold, 1000 gold, 250 gold and a gold crown with the symbol of Asmodeus.

Armour is that of a Dark Rider, ex-paladins working for Asmodeus. No info on the crown other than it’s connected to the Asmodeus society from history.



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