Asmodeus' Bane

Session 1

We are told there is a mysterious beast in the tunnels of a dig site killing workers south east of Caldrine by Lake Calamitous. We are given 2 days and 50 gold to prepare. We are heading out to meet Bran! He is the dig foreman.

As we travel through the jungle towards lake Calamitous….At night Blix noticed lots of jungle cats following and watching the group, but only active during Blix’s watch. On day 4 Friar Olaf climbed a large tree and saw that the trees in the direction of the lake were moving, we are guessing they could be the elephants of the merchants or perhaps even wild elephants. Also it could be trolls or some other giant awful thing.

We sent Blix to go scout ahead while we started setting up camp. He scouts it out and informs us that it is the remains of the caravan, elephants and carriages… but being driven by Orcs and 2 trolls! They are coming from a northern fork in the path. We decided to run through the night in our original direction. After an hour of running through the night, we found a small camp with a fire. Blix scouts the fire and finds Bran. The camp is taken down and fire put out, we pick him up and keep running in the direction of the dig site.

The concern over the Orcs over, we debrief with Bran find out more about the expedition, many of the men found traps and other awful things. The men who died came back as undead. Many “treasures” were unearthed but all the metal items are rusted. Rumors of a massive killer insects lead us to consider the possibilities of Rust monsters.

We arrive in the base camp and are greeted by 9 Zombies. Fast zombies and exploding zombies. Ronak Stoneforge used his AOE channel energy to great affect on the group of zombies. Blix found out that the exploding zombies carry Zombie Rot. Ulfred used some well placed bombs and took out a few zombies with both targeted and splash damage. Friar Olaf gave a few zombies a good punching!

After combat we burn the bodies and discover several boxes filled with rare artifacts that Bran recovers. The group is going to recover and work towards making the camp defensible before heading into the mines where the excavations are taking place.



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